Locally agreed syllabus and collective worship guidelines

What is a locally agreed syllabus?

An agreed syllabus specifies what must be taught in religious education within an authority. It should be reviewed every five years. The SACRE elects a group called an agreed syllabus conference to review the syllabus.  Once agreed, all schools are required to teach in accordance with the syllabus, with the exception of voluntary aided schools, academies and those with a trust deed which specifies otherwise.

Cheshire West and Chester agreed syllabus for Religious Education 2014

How much time is given at each key stage for religious education?

  • Schools must allocate sufficient time and resources to ensure that the expectations of the agreed syllabus can be met and that children are given experiences that are coherent and meaningful.
  • Schools must ensure that teachers of religious education are enabled to teach the requirements of the agreed syllabus. This will have implications for their professional development.
  • Schools must allocate sufficient resources for pupils to be fully engaged in their learning and reach the highest possible standards in religious education.
  • It is expected that during all key stages, a secular world view will be taught as appropriate through the RE curriculum through thematic teaching. Where there are other religious communities with a significant local presence, pupils may study aspects of these communities.
  • The requirements of the syllabus cannot be fulfilled unless 5% of curriculum time is allocated to the teaching of Religious Education. 

Foundation stage

Christianity should be taught in addition to the requirements of the early learning goals. It is expected that by the end of the summer term, foundation stage classes will be moving towards the statutory requirement for key stage one.

  • In key stage one: 36 hours per year (eg 50 minutes a week)
  • In key stage 2: 45 hours per year (eg an hour per week)
  • In key stage 3: 45 hours per year (eg an hour a week)
  • In key stage 4: 40 hours per year
  • 16-19: allocation of time for RE for all should be clearly identifiable

What is taught in the Cheshire West and Chester Agreed syllabus for RE?


  • Christianity

Key stage one: Year one and year two (six terms)

  • Christianity - five terms
  • Judaism -one term

Key stage two: Year three and year four (six terms)

  • Christianity - three terms
  • Islam - two terms
  • Sikhism - one term 

Key stage two: Year five and year six (six terms)

  • Christianity - three terms
  • Islam - one term
  • Judaism - one term
  • Hinduism - one term

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