General Information


Waverton Out of School Club is accessible to all children and families from Waverton Primary School.  Admission to the club is organised by the Manager and a waiting list system may be implemented when the need arises.  The waiting list will be operated on a first come-first served basis, with the exception of siblings who will have priority for the same day(s) as a sibling already attending.

A completed registration form is required for each child attending. This form contains information concerning your child and is confidential.

Whilst re-enrolment is not required automatically at the end of the summer term, any changes to required attendance or any health/medical information must  be informed and agreed with the manager prior to end of term.

Child Protection

We intend to create an environment in which children are safe from abuse and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We aim to comply with local and national child protection procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained.

Equal Opportunities

Out of School Club is committed to equal opportunities as stated in its equal opportunities policy. Strategies used to realise this goal include:

·         Premises used by the club provide a high level of accessibility to the community at large.

·         Menus include sufficient variability to provide for a cultural mix of the club’s children.

Special Needs

Waverton Out of School Club will make every effort to accommodate and welcome any child with special needs. We will work in liaison with parents/carers and relevant professionals to meet the child’s specific needs.

We will endeavour to accommodate all children of all abilities, whilst working within the club’s limitations. Each case will be assessed individually and risk assessed to ensure everyone’s safety.


Pledge to Parents/carers

We value our relationship with parents/carers and are committed to working in partnership with you to provide top quality play and care for your children.  We will:

  •          Welcome you at all times to discuss our work, have a chat or take part in our activities.
  •          Keep you informed of opening times, fees and charges, policies and procedures.
  •          Be consistent and reliable to enable you to plan with confidence and peace of mind.
  •          Share and discuss your child's achievements, experiences, progress, and friendships.
  •          Be available to discuss decisions about running the club.
  •          Ask your permission when required for special events.
  •          Listen to your views and concerns to ensure that we continue to meet your needs.

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