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                        Welcome to Year 5 Class Page 



Hello Year 5 !

It has been so lovely to get to know you all over these last couple of weeks. Well done for settling in so quickly and getting used to all of our new routines . I am really excited to the year of learning ahead which I hope will be filled with discovery, adventure and fun times. If we all remember to follow The Waverton Way - Be Safe, Be Ready, Be Respectful, we will have a fantastic year together!

Working at home: we find ourselves in very difficult times at the moment! If you are isolating at home, I will upload classwork to the timetable on our class page. Please do what you can and email me with any work and photos. If you need any support, please email our class email (

Stay safe . Keep smiling and  don't worry okay!  smiley


Autumn Term

Week   2















Use the Home learning link to watch the video clip


Autumn Term Week 2

Lesson 2: Compare and Order numbers to 100,00

See Worksheet on File BELOW


Just have a go at the place value questions 


Daily Maths Challenges With Gareth

 Use the link:


Spelling Use the link:


EnglishOf Thee I Sing   - Barack Obama

Use the link below and listen to the text again

See English File Below for a copy of the text.

Have I told you that you are creative?

Read the paragraph about Georgia O’Keeffe in the file below.

Biography Summaries

Find out about her life using the link in ART for this afternoon.

Write an interesting biography of her life.

  • How old was she when she decided she wanted to be an artist?
  • What do you think made her inspiring to lots of people?


Find out about Georgia O’Keeffe and her life story.


  • Who is she and what is she famous for?
  • What inspired her?
  • How did she develop her style?





Warm – Up – Use one of Joe Wicks P.E. activities to warm up.

Choose a sports activity and keep active.

Practice your football skills.


Keep a diary/ log of your sports activities this week. Include:  Type of Activity/ Length of Time/ Distance

(If appropriate)



Use the link from the Tate Art Gallery:



Art Activity – Using any medium to create a piece of art in the style of Geargia O’Keeffe 

Send me a photograph via the class email.



Use the Home learning link to watch the video clip

Autumn Term    Numbers to a million

See Worksheet on File BELOW

Problem solving and reasoning file - slide 12,13,16,17 and 18


Daily Maths Challenges With Gareth

 Use the link:


 Use the link:

English – Read the text again -" Of Thee I Sing"

Choose a famous person and research further about their life, dreams, ambitions and achievements.

  • In what way are they inspiring to thers?
  • Why is it important to learn more about black people from history?
  • Write a fact file information text. Include photographs, quotations and interesting facts.

Topic: All About South America

Building Locational Knowledge: South America,

Use the link:

Lesson 1 - Which countries are in South America?

What physical features can we find in South America?

Use the outline of the map of South America (See attached file) and label :

  • Each country
  • Capital Cities
  • Any mountain ranges
  • Any rivers

 How are the countries in South America the same and different?



Use the Home learning link to watch the video clip

Autumn Term Week 2

Lesson Counting in 10, 100, 1000 and 10000s


See Worksheet on File BELOW

Extra Maths Sheet Line Graphs


Daily Maths Challenges With Gareth

 Use the link:



 Use the link:


English – Research and find out about another famous person from the text. Create an information text with photographs, quotations and interesting facts.


Reading Comprehension

See Worksheet on File BELOW

The Highwayman



Watch the DVD. Can you write down any new words in French?

Can you write down any ingredients that have silent letters? Highlight those silent letters.

 Write a list of ingredients for your own pizza in French. (You may need to use a French- English dictionary on the laptop/ipad to help you)

Have a conversation in French with your mum and dad about going shopping to buy food at the supermarket or market.



Computing- Coding session.

Go to the discovery education site:

Go to the log in icon, top right, click on coding and log in using our school log in details.



Use the Home learning link to watch the video clip

Compare and order numbers to a million



Daily Maths Challenges With Gareth

 Use the link:



Have a go at the practice test


Fronted adverbials.

 1. Look at the powerpoint and work through.

2. Complete the worksheet

 3.. Write down as many interesting sentences with fronted adverbials.




Where would you like to live in South America?

   Task 1  - Create two mind maps:

1. What I already  know about South America?

 2. What I would like to know about South America?

Task 2 -  Choose a country in South America and research and find out:

 1. What the flag is like? Draw one A4 . Use colour.

2. Find out about this country:

a. Language

b. Which countries it borders?

c. Does it have any rivers? What are they?

d. Does it have any mountain ranges?

e If it is by the sea, what are the ports?

Name the capital city. 




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