Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders’ programme at Waverton Primary School:

The Digital Leaders programme @Waverton Primary School aims to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn, develop and apply their digital skills in a safe environment.

Our 'Digital Leaders' are pupils who excel at using digital technology, and use it as an integral part of their learning. They have a desire and enthusiasm to help school develop its safe and effective use of technology.

‘Digital Leader’ training sessions take part every other Friday afternoon. Each session includes: e-safety training, regular app review and creation tutorials, control and modelling, ‘testing’ workshops, as well as the development of basic technical skills.The ‘Digital Leaders’ then share their expertise across the whole school. The group is totally inclusive and represents children of all abilities.

So what is the idea?

The ‘Digital Leaders’ aim to spread good behaviour through the responsible use of

digital technology, they support teachers and are able to share ideas about

e-safety and what is possible in a digital world.

Why Digital Leaders?

The Digital Leaders programme at Waverton Primary School gives the children a real feeling of belonging and self worth, due to its high profile. It benefits all who are involved. whilst also ensuring it helps retain a cycle of digital learning across the whole school. 

“Digital Leaders’ are trained to carry out specific jobs, regularly supporting teachers when needed, promoting their role means that teachers and parents take them seriously, and the experience they get from this is very valuable.

What have Digital Leaders done?

– They take part in training meetings and are constantly on ‘duty’ 

– They are advocates and ‘champions’ of technology; demonstrating it’s safe use to the rest of the school. 

– They keep parents and other key stake holders informed of their progress through the creation of a weekly 'Tech Tips' Newsletter.

Becoming a 'Digital Leader'

– The children ‘apply’ for the role. This encourages a sense of ownership

and excitement.

– They explain their role and their ideas to staff, they introduce themselves in assembly's


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